The regional forest company «Skogselskapet i Agder» has rebuilt the old apple shack «Eplebua» and it is available for rent.

Epledal (the apple valley) is a recreational area for the public and it is located by Grønsfjorden in Lyngdal. Here you will find a public wharf, a toilet, and benches. There is also a beach, a large lawn with a children’s play area, and a sand volleyball court. There are nice hiking opportunities in the area. You may camp with a tent on the property for two consecutive days. Epledal is easily available by sea or by road.

The cabin is very basic and offers four wooden benches to sleep on. There is a small stream by the cabin. There is a public toilet and a barbecue coal grill free to use. Remember to bring coal!

NB! There is no drinking water in Epledal. The cabin only has mattresses for two of the benches.

Arrival- and departure times: 
Check-in from 16:00 the day of arrival until 14:00 the day of departure.

Terms and regulations

General information: 
The cabin is unstaffed and has no food supply. That means that each guest will need to bring their own food and water, and take responsibility for washing and cleaning. There are periodical supervisions.

The cabin can be rented from March 5. to October 15.  Due to the age of the cabin and that it is not isolated, colder periods must be avoided. There are no heating possibilities in the cabin. 

Number of beds:
The cabin has 4 benches that can be used as beds as they fold-out to 120 cm. 

Max number of guests:
The cabin can fit eight guests.

There is a key safe box outside the main entrance at the cabin. The code is given after booking.

Smoking is not permitted at the cabin.

Please make your reservation at www.listerbooking.com. 



  • Bring water - there is no drinking water available at the cabin. 
  • There is a public toilet by the cabin. We recommend bringing toilet paper in case.
  • Bring your own outdoor gas burner if you wish to cook food. There is a barbecue coal grill at the property that may be used if you bring coal and lighter fluid.
  • There are two mattresses available to use on the benches in the cabin. However, there are no blankets or pillows etc. Bring a sleeping bag and sleeping pad!