Hauglandstrand is located in a sheltered bay on the westside of Fedafjorden in Kvinesdal. This is one of the very first settlements in the district and archaeologists have found traces from the Stone Age. Today you will see two new houses built in an old-fashioned way. Hauglandstrand may be reached by sea or by foot. It is suitable for shorter and longer excursions. The upper (and the largest) building accommodates 8 people on fold-out beds that function as benches during the day. There is a small kitchen area. The lower building  - the family cabin – accommodates 4, and has a kitchen area and a separate toilet.  The fold-out benches are 120 cm wide. 

To arrive here by foot, you need to park at Langevann.  Take off from E39 at Fosseland. Fosseland is located right by the tunnel on the border between the municipalities of Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal.

Arrival- and departure times: 
Check-in from 14:00 the day of arrival until 12:00 the day of departure.

Terms and conditions 

General information:
The cabins are unstaffed and have no food supply. That means that each guest will need to bring their own food and take responsibility for washing and cleaning. There are periodical supervisions.

The cabins may be rented all year. However, the cabins are not isolated so colder periods must be avoided.  There are adequate wood ovens, and wood is sold on the premises. 

Number of beds:
The main cabin has 8 beds whereas the family cabin has four. The beds are benches during the day, and can be folded out at night and are then 120 cm wide. An adult with a small child will fit one bed.

Smoking is not permitted in either cabin.

Universal access design:
Arrival by boat makes it feasible to reach the lower cabin (the family cabin) for people in wheelchairs.

The maximum number of guests:
The main cabin (the upper) can fit 16 people as a maximum if two people can share a bed that is 120 cm wide. The family cabin (the lower) can in the same manner fit a maximum of 8 people on the four 120 cm wide beds.

Key or code to enter:
Key or code to the door are found in key safe boxes outside the main entrance of both cabins or just a code lock on the door. Codes to the locks are specified on the receipt of the payment.

For booking, see listerbooking


  • Be aware – there is no fresh water at the cabin. Bring drinking water.
  • The toilet is located in the main cabin. Bring toilet paper for safety!
  • The wooden oven offers cooking possibilities as well as it is a source for heating.  You may find wood stored at the toilet. This wood is only for indoor use. Remember to bring matches and candles. 
  • Methylated spirit stove for outdoor use. Bring spirit for usage.
  • The kitchen is well- equipped.  Bring a kitchen towel and a rag.
  • There are thin mattresses for sleeping.
    Bring a sleeping bag. There are not duvets or pillows at the cabins.