What is an outdoor concil?

As of today there are 27 outdoor councils in Norway. Vest-Agder has three outdoor councils;

The Outdoor Councils are inter-municipal cooperations that take care of outdoor tasks for their member municipalities. In essence, the Outdoor Council works with areas and tasks of importance to the people throughout the region, while the municipalities are responsible for the very local issues. Outdoor councils have the main focus on the simple everyday outdoor life, such as walking and swimming, which are not taken care of by special interest organizations.

Source: Friluftsrådenes Landsforbund

Lister Outdoor Council

Lister Outdoor Council was founded august 2006. It is an inter-municipal cooperation between Farsund, Flekkefjord, Hægebostad, Kvinesdal, Lyngdal and Sirdal. The six municipalities is called the Lister Region, the western part of Vest-Agder with a total area of over 4000 km2 and about 37.000 inhabitants.

Photo: Frank Haughom

Photo: Frank Haughom