A family-friendly trip to great swimming areas, long windy beaches and historic sites.

Rating: Easy

Terrain: Sidewalks, pedestrian-and-bike paths, and an asphalt road from Husebysanden.

Traffic: Minimal. Some traffic along the road after Husebysanden.

For information: Select beach with shelter for the wind. Lomsesanden is best suited for west winds.

From Farsund town, bike on the sidewalk along the beach promenade, past Badehuset and Kjørestad. Pedestrian-and-biking path from the roundabout to Lunde and down to the left to the long and windy Husebysanden beach. Asphalt road on to Lomsesanden. A gravel path goes through the woods from the parking lot at Husebysanden and out to Lomsesanden. If you continue on the asphalt road, you can turn right to Loshavnen's historic white wooden buildings or go head directly to the swimming and picnic area, Paradisbukta.

Cycling map for Farsund