A medium long trip in beautiful nature. Little traffic and few hills. 

Rating: Medium
Distance: 21 km
Increase: 260 m
Subsoil: Gravel and asphalt roads
Traffic: Low traffic and few hills

From Hanesund the trip goes along the Helvik Fjord and past Straumen. Turn right toward Hetland along Prestvannet. Go right after Vanse school up the hills towards Tomstad. Turn left towards Maberg, cross over towards Østhassel and onto the Nesheim horse track. Follow the gravel road over Kviljo and turn left at Hananger over the main road and up towards Grimsby. Turn right onto Fv43 to Kjørrefjord, go towards Opta, over Øyvollbrua and back to Hanesund.

Cycling Map for Farsund