Bike the Number 8 past many sights and traces of US labor migration.

Rating: Demanding. 43 km, 495 m climb

Terrain: Good asphalt roads and some gravel sections

Traffic: Some traffic on the county roads and many quiet stretches

For information: Select the direction that gives you tailwind along the coast of Lista.

From Farsund city center you’ll find most traffic on the road up Kirkegaten and into Sundeveien. Turn right at the bus station down to Salvation Army. Here you turn right onto a gravel road along Mosvoldtjønn, right down Øygardsveien and cross Fv43 to the small boat harbor. At the intersection, follow Fv43, go into Bilandsfeltet and keep left on the pedestrian-and-biking path that leads through the Høyland construction area to Vanse. At Vanse Church you can follow the signs to Lista Museum and continue around Brastadvannet and onto Fv463. Turn right towards Ore and right up to Hervoll, Hervoll Mølle and Nordberg Fort then head down towards Langåker and through Borhaug out to Lista lighthouse. Past the Listeskøyte coastal culture center at Borhaug and further past Bausje back to Vanse. Turn right towards Lunde, keep right towards Kjørestad and past Badehuset towards Farsund.

Cycle map for Farsund