Up in the hills of Lista, there is a large windmill farm with various hiking trails. When the windmill farm was built, wide gravel roads replaced some of the earlier hiking trails.

There are many enjoyable hiking routes in the area, and you can start your hiking from several different locations. A new opportunity that has come with the windmills is that you can go by bike far up on the hills on the wide gravel roads.

There are several traces of earlier farming in the area. Skistad is an abandoned farm that you can reach from Eitland on an old horse-riding trail. Down towards Listeid lies a beautiful virgin forest, which is a protected area due too its deciduous trees. From Storefjell you will have marvelous view over Lista and the landscape in the area.

Getting there
The windmill farm area has several starting points; Eitland, Ulgjell, Sigersvoll and Listeid. From Vigmostad you can hike into the area on a wide gravel road.

Rating: Demanding
Length: 17 km on the whole trip