– 360 meters above sea level

One of Farsund's finest hiking destinations. Here you can see views in all directions from the top of Ravneheia. Good trails and some gravel roads. There are three places to park.

The easiest trip is from Midwann. Here you go along the water, up a cross and past the old hay farm Lia to Øyvindsel and St. Olavsvarden.

You can also start at Straumen. Here you follow the gravel road along Straumen and Framvaren, before you take the trail along Fossekleiva. Here it can be quite damp, but very idyllic along the slinging pelvis. Up on the gravel road, turn right towards Nørskår and on the trail from Nøskår towards St. Olavsvarden.

Starting at Hølen at the entrance to Ravneheitunellen, the first part of the trip takes place on the so-called "Svingveien" in Ingerskleiva. This trail is an experience in itself as it swings up the steep slope up to Nørskår. From here there is a path to St. Olavsvarden.

Midwater - St. Olavsvarden: 3.2 km
Straumen - Nørskår: 2.8 km
Hølen (Ravneheitunellen) - Nørskår: 2.1 km
Nørskår - St. Olavsvarden: 3.1 km

- Midwater. Right on the old road above Ravneheia.
- Straumen. Drive into the gravel road from Hanesund towards Straumen.
- Hølen at the entrance to the Ravneheit tunnel. Turn towards Bjørnestad before the tunnel.