The route to Varnes lighthouse gives a magnificent view along the west coast of Lista, in addition you’ll find a great view to the islands Hidra and Andabeløy in Flekkefjord municipality and to the Feda fjord in Kvinesdal municipality. The old road to the lighthouse is easy to walk, but be careful when walking the stairs up to the lighthouse.

Getting there: At Heskestad which is situated between Sigersvoll and Ore, take the road towards Jølle, then turn right after about 500 m. After 3 km following a gravel road you’ll find the starting point for the 1-km-long trail to Varnes lighthouse.

Parking: There is room to park along the road by the old barracks in Elledalen. From there it is approximately a 1.7 km walk to the trail’s starting point. On the road towards Varnes lighthouse there are a few places with room for a car or two, but these are actually designed for the passage of oncoming cars. Be considerate when parking so that your car will not be in the way for others. At the trail's start there is an old parking spot, however the spot is not recommended for regular cars.

Rating: Medium
Length: Approx 5.4 km (back and forth)