Vondestien is the old walkway to Uddal farm on the west list. The trail is partly steep and untidy but is secured in the most vulnerable places with beautiful wrought iron pullings. It is neither too long nor too heavy for a family trip, but may not be suitable for the very youngest children.

Snekkestø is a small harbor below Rudjord, a popular hiking destination for people who like to fish. From the car park at Snekkestø, the trail goes north-east, past the pond and pebble beach. Here the Vondestien starts. You are now walking over swaberg, and soon come to a railing, then it gets steeper. The trail is now on the mountain side over the sea, and after a 400m you reach Uddal.

There have been two tragic accidents at Vondestien – in 1877, a girl fell in the sea as she slid on the slippery mountain and in 1993 a girl in the 20's was taken off the waves. Be aware – do not walk when there is storm or when it is frost and slippery!

To Vondestien you can walk from Snekkestø, Rudjord (Munkekyrkja) or from Uddal. From the cottage on Udal you head south across the stream and follow the trail.

In Udal lived the farmer Nils Nilsen. It was told that he had no way to neighboring villages, but had to go over high mountains to get there. As said, Nils was busy and started to build the road that would make it easier to reach. He spent eight years and 194 shots (mines) before it was completed in 1805. His initials N N U are housed in a mountain wall about the middle of the path.

Getting there:
From Vanse it is about 10 km to drive. You take Fv 463 to Ore, then follow the first sign towards Kvinesdal, but in the intersection of Ore Skole you drive straight ahead. At the next intersection, drive straight onto the gravel road towards Heskestad, past Jølle. Eventually you reach the road crossing where you drive down to Snekkestø. The road is narrow and quite steep.

Coming along E39 from the west, the fastest way to Vondestien is from Opofte crossing towards Farsund along Fv 465 until you reach the junction of Gjervollstad, then towards Ore, and at the junction of Heskestad you drive towards Jøllestø, and then towards Snekkestø. About 25 km to drive from the Opofte crossing.

Rating: Medium
Length: Approximately 2.6 km (back and forth)
Increase: 61 m