Brufjell and Brufjellhålene

You’ll find great views and majestic scenery at the outermost area of Flekkefjord and Vest Agder’s southwestern corner to Rogaland. From Roligheten at the Sire-Ånas outlet, you can hike up to a great viewpoint overlooking the ocean. There are several trails up, varying from medium to challenging difficulty. Difficultly level is marked with blue and red colored signs. Rullesteinstranda Sandviga and the automated lighthouse, Oddan, are also worth visiting.

Here you can also reach the Brufjell mines if you follow the route down the mountain side. Steel beams are installed to help climb down on the steepest stretch of the trail  (called via ferrata). The Brufjell hills  are a rare natural phenomenon and were most likely carved out by the sea before the mountain was formed after the last ice age. 

Caution! The trail from Brufjell down to Brufjellhålene is very steep and can be very difficult to hike on. You should only take this trail when there is good and dry weather and when the ocean is relatively calm and without large waves.

Getting there
Drive Fv44 between Flekkefjord and Sira, and turn off towards Roligheten. Park in the parking lot at the school and walk the rest of the way out to the sea. At the turnaround section on the road, the trails start up towards Brufjell.

Rating: Demanding
Length: Approx. 10 km
(back and forth)