Dåstøl is the starting point for three different trails. The parking lot has just been developed and the paths are recently marked with vnew signposts added.
From Dåstøl you can go on great hikes in the following directions:

• To go south, you firstpass Stavvatnet and come to Stø where you’ll find boathouses and fresh sea air. This trail was important for people in the old days and a lot of work has been done with it. In the old days, the old trail went east of the lake where they had to carry the coffins and partly hoist it up the mountain side to get to to Kirkhamn on Hidra.
• To the east, follow the road 0.5 km and enter the path to Fidsel. Here you go along a stream that had several water mills in the old days.
• To go west, you will first hike up a steep hill to Polland and head on to an old cart trail to Åsnes. This was used as a school road in olden times.

From Åsnes, the trail leads to a river and to Kilen at Berefjord. From Fidsel there are trails that will take you further to Gård Li, Kjørsfjell and Itland.

Rating: Medium
Length: Approx. 10 km
(back and forth)