East of Hidra lies Rasvåg and Langelandsfjell. This is an exceptionally scenic area with amazing views with several paths facing the open sea. The three parking lots at Veisdal, Hummerås and Rasvåg are the starting points for the trails, giving you several different routes for a round-trip. From Veisdal there is a gravel road to Langeland and in the rest of the area, trails that have been recently cleared and marked.

Here you’ll find several traces of old settlements in the area. For example, in Langeland there are still several old farm buildings. The trail on the south side passes through small forests and out to the outermost mountains towards Listafjorden. Lindevika in the middle of Kalven has a nice swimming area as does Teigetødna, just below the Langelandsfjell.
Up on the Langelandsfjell you are at Hidra's highest point at 291 m above sea level. In Langelandsstrand, people have lived there since the Stone Age. Now you’ll find an idyllic little collection of houses without a road. The path down to Langelandsstrand leads into a beautiful deciduous forest with a few steep sections. 

Rating: Medium
Length: 6.6 km (round trip)