This is a nice hike on a cleared path that is both well-marked and signposted that will take you to a great viewpoint. The trail is 2.2 km each way  from the parking lot at the swimming area by Bakke bridge with an 114 m climb in elevation. The hike takes about an hour each way.

From the swimming area, go down the road and over the historic Bakke bridge. Take a right at the first intersection after the stadium and follow the road for 500 m. Here, the trail goes up to the left over a fence crossing and up the side road to the old Vestlandske highway ( «Vestlandske hovedvei»),  Turn right and follow the road towards a mountain pool. Here the trail continues into the forest and towards Pederåsen, 204 m above sea level. You will have a great view of Sira and out to Lundevatnet.

Rating: Easy
Length: Approx 4.4 km
(back and forth)
Increase: 114 m