In the lake

Tollbukaia and Verven: Grisfjorden and Lafjorden are nice to paddle and often have calm wind conditions.

Grønnes: Lafjorden is nice to paddle in, and Torsøyene are beautiful.

Abelnes: Andabeløy, Strandsfjorden towards Hidra and Stolsfjorden. Tarmevika on the east side of Andabeløy is a nice trip on quiet days. Hidrasundet can also be great on quiet days. Napp and Dåtlandstrand should also be explored. Start at the pier at Abelnes.

Laugøy: Hidra's archipelago is great, with Prestøy and Dragøy as suitable targets for the paddle trip. East side on Kådøy you have the opportunity to take a break. Husøy is also possible to reach, if the weather permits, and there is a sandy beach on Laugøy.

NB! West from Hidra the sea is often demanding and the mountains are steeply landed. This area is not recommended to paddle to anyone other than the most experienced kayakers.

In Freshwater

Selura: Some rocks, but good start for a trip on the big lake.

Osen: At the southern end of Sirdalsvannet it is possible to start. Øigard can be recommended as a destination for the paddle trip. There is also a hiking trail from Ersdal to Øigard.

Map symbols:

P: Starting points with parking

Paddle: Touring destination with little or no facilitation

Anchor: Hiking destinations with piers and other facilitation