LIKNES – KVINLOG round trip


Longer round trip on asphalt roads.

From Liknes you cycle up the Vesterdalen direction Knaben. On the road you pass Træland, Rafoss, Omland and Storekvina. At Storekvina there is a train station and grocery store.

The trip continues up to Kvinlaug. There is a gas station and grocery store. From here you cycle up the last hill and have practically completed all the height meters.

Bicycles continue along the southern end of Fjotlandsvannet. The cycle ride then goes down the valley where you cycle along rivers and water. The biggest is the Galdalsvannet. At the southern end of this is Vatland.

From Vatland you cycle south on Rv801 along the river Litleåna. You cycle past woodland, nice cultural landscape and the settlement at Gjemlestad. From Hamrebakkan and right down to the center it is a distance of about 3 km.

Rating: Expert
Length: 59.5 km
Increase: 1114 m
Surface: Asphalt