The Barnevandrerstein (Child Wanderer Path) starts in Årlia in Kvinesdal. The first stretch of the hike ends at Bautaparken by the Snartemo train station in Hægebostad. The path is marked and you’ll cross a marsh through scattered woods and past several beautiful bodies of water before going down through the valley and pass idyllic small farms. The hike starts at 385 m, climbs up to 500 meters above sea-level and back down to 145 meters above sea-level at Snartemo. This hike is 11 km to go from Årlia to Snartemo.

If you take the train to Storekvina station, you can order a shuttle bus to Liknes by calling: 904 79 240. Follow the road further to Årli on from Moi in Kvinesdal to Birkeland in Hægebostad.

Find out more at Barnevandrerstien's website