Knaben Fjellcamp (mountain camp)

Distance: 9 kilometers roundtrip. The trail is marked and signposted.

Roundtrip from Knaben past several mines. Great view along the way. The starting point is on the road east of Store Knabetjødn. After 300 meters the trail starts. Cross the road to Reinshommen hyttefelt (cabin area) and hike uphill Geiteryggen. This stretch has most of the incline of the trip, with progressively better view over Knaben.

At the top you can see into the mighty Ørnehommen, before proceeding past Lille Knaben and enters on the old road to Knaben I. From here there is a hiking trail to Knaben Fjellcamp (mountain camp). At the Fjellcamp (mountain camp) there are three shelters for free public use. You can also borrow Canoes after agreement with Knaben Leirskole.

The trail further east of Bergetjødn provides great views before it continues down to Knaben. When you enter the old road, there are several directions back to Knaben. You can either follow the way back past Reinshommen hyttefelt (cabin area). Then you can step by the Roma mines. Alternatively, take a footpath towards Knabeåna (Knaben stream). You have to cross the stream by jumping from rock to rock, which can be demanding at a high flow. Than you arrive at the large building at Knaben.