Round-trip from Langevann to Dyreknuten

The hike in Sandsheia has both paths and forest trails. The paths to the fjord are steep in some places but lead to some amazing views. Dynenuten is the highest point at 291 meters above sea-level. From the parking lot at Langevann, you can go for a nice round trip to Dyreknuten.

If you want to go down Haugelandstrand from Haugeland, the trip takes about one hour extra, making the round trip 7 km and with a climb of 350 m. Parts of the trail between Haugeland and Dyreknuten are on a beautiful old road with a stone fence. The last stretch up to the Dynenuten is quite steep. The hiking trails have signs posted and are marked with blue.

Parking is available at Langevann. Turn off from the E39 at the exit sign for Fosseland right on the municipal border between Flekkefjord and Kvinesdal.