Round-trip from Sande to Dyreknuten

From Sande you can go for a great round trip up to Dyreknuten at 291 meters above sea level. Here you get a very nice view of the Fedafjord.

The trail from Sande starts at the archipelago park at the fjord, follows a gravel road through a construction area, and up to the old E39. From there, you enter skogsbilveien up in Sandsheia and towards Dyreknuten.

A little further down from Dyreknuten you come to a crossroads towards the Skomakertippen and Kyrefjellett, where you can see straight into the fjord if you look out from the ledge.

The round trip up to Dyreknuten is 4.8 km with a 290 m altitude difference. This hike takes about 2.5 hours without breaks.