The whole tour is 36.5 km. The highest point is 263 m. Total climb is 700 m.Nice cycling tour from Lyngdal center on small roads with minor traffic. If you dont want to take the same way back, you can return on Fv43. However, this road has more traffic.

The whole tour is 36.5 km. The highest point is 263 m. Total climb is 700 m.

From Lyngdal center take the gravel road towards Augland. When you reach the first lakes, the largest part of the ascent for the whole trip is done. After passing Øygardsvannet and Biktjønnsvannet you eventually reach a junction where you turn left towards E39. You pass Røydlandsvannet and the old mail road called Kongeveien (the King´s Road). This is a hiking trail that goes from Lindelia by Grønfjorden to Lyngdal.

Down by E39 you cross the road and take the road towards Opsal. The asphalted road ahead, with a slight ascent, follows a small river. Then take left towards Vemestad. The tour continues on a gravel road towards Midvannet and Vatlandsvannet, past Topteland to the highest point on the tour by the junction at Markeland. It then continues to the left towards Vemestad. If you don’t want much traffic on your tour back, you can turn here and ride back the same way. The road towards Vemestad goes downhill and is quite winding. On Fv43 you go downhill alongside the river Lygna back to Lyngdal. There are several idyllic places to stop along the river.