From Lyngdal you can take a nice roundtrip to Gitlevåg on paved and gravel roads. Follow the cycle path to Skomrak, and then follow the sign towards Spangereid. You then go uphill past the southern end of Åveslandsvannet (lake Åvesland) to Ballestad. The roundtrip starts here. Take right toward Spangereid. Here you will get a great view to Gitlevåg and Åsevågen, before you take a left turn onto the gravel road towards Fleseland.

On this lush and quiet gravel road you get a nice view over Lenesfjorden, then you’ll come to the old schoolhouse on Eika, ride past Mydland and then back to Ballestad. Here you’ll again come back on the paved road to Lyngdal.

The tour is 24 km from Lyngdal center and back. Total climb 700 m. Paved road from Lyngdal to Åsevågen, gravel road from here back to the crossing in Ballestad.