Nice roundtrip southwards from Lyngdal center to Bjørnevåg, Skarstein, Kvålsvik, Svenevik and Agnefest.

The tour begins along the cycle path from Lyngdal center to Kvavik. From here you follow the road alongside Lyngdalsfjorden. Go off the main road and onto the old road before the tunnels. By Kollevoll go towards Bjørnevåg (here you’ll leave the most trafficked stretch on the roundtrip). From Bjørnevåg you’ll ride on a gravel road to Skarstein and Kvålsvik until you get on a paved road again closer to Svenevik.

The tour is of 29 km. Total elevation is 730 m. The tour can be shortened 7.5 kilometers if you to take off towards Kvålsvik by Berghøydne. Beware when cycling on Fv43! The road has quite a lot of traffic and people are driving fast! Cycling on Fv43 is not recommended for children. Otherwise, the trip goes mostly on quiet country roads.