Skjærgårdsparken Lister has organized several natural areas along the cost for public use. The area in Epledal consists of approximately 120 acres including a costal area, forest and hills. The entire costal area with a sandy beach, lawns, toilet, a beach volleyball court, grill cabin and docks can be used freely by anyone.

Short roundtrip, 1 km/30 min

From the dock run three trails westward:
1) Along the shoreline and on rocks to the beach in Lindestø. This is also part of Skjærgårdsparken. Adults must accompany minor children.

2) Over the top with great views of the bay.

3) Along the creek behind Eplebua. Here you will find old paths, stonewalls and trees grafted in older stumps.

Erikstadfjellet, 4 km/1.5 hours roundtrip
Follow the trail along the creek or the road to Erikstad. Next to the farm walk along an old dirt road and continue up the hill to the top with great views of Epledal and Grønfjorden.

Rating: Single / medium
Length: Short roundabout – 1 km, Erikstadfjellet – 4 km