Kaldåsknipa at 504 meters above sea level is the highest point in the southern part of Lyngdal. From the road it is 2 kilometers to walk uphill with a climb of 200 meters. The view at the top is well worth every meter. The trail follows a gravel road up to the telecommunications mast, which can be seen from large areas around. From the top you will get a most spectacular view in all directions.

The municipal boundary to Farsund is not far away, so one can easily believe that this is Farsunds highest point. This is not far from the truth. Lyfjell at 487 meters above sea level is located approximately 600 meters southwest of Kaldåsknipa, and can easily be reached on the same trip. However, there is no trail to the highest point of Lyfjell, but still quite easily accessible.

Getting there:
Drive on the road between Lyngdal and Åpta. After 12 kilometers from Lyngdal center and 12 kilometers from Åpta you will arrive at a gravel road with a locked traffic barrier. The gravel road is on the north side of the road, and here you will also find the parking space.

Rating: Single
Length: 4 km (round trip)
Increase: 200 m