Skrelia is one of the best hiking areas in Lyngdal; polished rocks, waterfalls, and a far-reaching view towards the sea. The area offers several marked trails, picnic zones with benches and the opportunity to swim in clear (but could) fresh water.

You can hike three different roundtrips at Skrelia with diverse lengths:

1) The shortest goes uphill to Sandvann and is less than 2 kilometers. There is a picnic area by Sandvann.

2) The hike to Rassvæta is 3.6 kilometers long, and goes up to an ancient settlement where there lived people until the 1950s. There is a nice viewpoint near the settlement, where you can see Lyngdalsfjorden and all the way to Farsund and the sea.

3) The longest marked roundtrip goes to Homsvann and is 4.6 kilometers long. Here you will get unique scenery towards the inland moors and Homsknipa, in addition to views southwards.

There are several traces from the Ice Age in the area, such as boulders in different sizes and formations. The trails go past small streams and wet parts, so you should wear good footwear.

Getting there:
From Lyngdal take Fv43 and follow the road signs towards Åpta. After 2.5 kilometers turn left by the signpost towards Skreli. From here it is 9.5 kilometers to the parking lot and the starting point of the hiking trails.

Rating: Easy