The historical King`s Road runs from Bergsaker to Lindelia. This is an old path that became the official royal mail road in 1793. The kings men did the repair and maintenance of the road. There are still many historical signs from the earlier ages along the trail, such as old stonewalls and an old stone bridge.

Parts of the trail around Røydlandsvannet goes on gravel road. Here you will also have a beautiful view to the water.

Parking at Bergsaker. There is a very nice bathing area at the lake Auglandsvann. You can also park here. At Lene there is a bus stop.

Some parts of the trail can become wet after heavy rainfall. From Bergsaker it is 6.7 km to Auglandsvann, 7.5 km to Lindelia and 9.5 km to E39 near Lene.