Nice roundtrip, which starts and stop in Lyngdal center. The whole trail goes on gravel road, and is also nice for bike riding or walking with stroller. The hike can be extended with a trip up to spectacular scenery on Månen. From Lyngdal center (Alleen) turn right on Einarlandsveien toward Augland. Walk the inclination till it flattens out again. Then turn right at the lake Øygardsvannet. Turn left after 200 meters, follow the shore of lake Åveslandsvannet and then left at the next junction. After about 600 meters you pass the trail up to the viewpoint Månen. If you would like a longer hike and a marvelous view you can turn left here. On the roundtrip you continue straight ahead descending down to Agnefestveien. Here you turn right and follows the road all the way back to where you started the roundtrip in Lyngdal city center.

Getting there:
From Alleen in Lyngdal center walk 500 meters along Stasjonsgata until you turn right towards Augland.