Starting points for kayak trips are marked with blue in the map. Red points are nice destinations for your kayaking tour. 


Kvaviksanden (Kvavik Beach) is a nice starting point. Large parking place. On heavy westerly winds it can become quite choopy here. 


Two good starting points in Rosfjorden; Rosfjordsanden (Rosfjord Beach) next to Rosfjord Strandhotell (Beach Hotel) or the marina at Agnefest. 


Epledal is a large public outdoor recreation area with lawn, toilets, grill cabin, beach and a dock for yachts. The area is also good for hiking. 

Bjønesodden is a public recreation area at the head of Grønsfjorden. 

Førøyene is also a public outdoor recreation area, and is located about 3 kilometers southwest of Midtfjordøya. The area consists of four separate islands. There is a nice bay on the southern part of the largest island. 


Lundegård ferry port is located just north of Revøysundet. The port was initially built for ferries to and from Revøy. A public pier just north of the ferry port is suitable for boarding and disembarking kayaks.  

Værvoien is a public outdoor recreation area at Søndre Revøy (Southern Revøy). This idyllic place with a sandy beach is also nice for camping. 

Langevågen is a public outdoor recreation area on the west coast of Midtre Revøy. 

Sæløer is a small archipelago just south of Korshamn. The main islands Østre (Eastern) and Vestre (Western) Sælør are connected by a causeway that was built to improve the port´s facilities. The terrain on the islands is open with a unique cultural landscape making this a good destination for hiking. There are several public docks on the islands.

Kjøpsøy is a public outdoor recreation area just west of Korshamn, and is one of the outermost islands in Rosfjorden. The island is hilly and densely overgrown with deciduous scrubs and sitka spruce. In the bay at Kjøpsøy there is a pier and some buildings form earlier settlement. Both the pier and the buildings are a part of the public outdoor recreation area. The yellow building at the pier is open for public use. 

Sutnøy is a public outdoor recreation area situated northwest of Korshamn and Kjøpsøy. Sutnøybukta (the bay of Sutnøy) is situated northeast at the island, and has a bay that is sheltered from most wind directions. The bay also contains a nice family-friendly sandy beach. Sutnøy is also a nice place for hiking due to its wonderful open terrain. You will have a great view from Brennevinsfjellet (the Liquor Mountain) at 66 meters above sea level.

Langholmen is situated close to Sutnøy. On the center of the island you will find a lush valley with traces of older settlements.


Hausvikodden is located on the east side of the mouth of Rosfjord, west of Hausvikgårdene (the farms at Hausvik). The landscape on Hausvikodden consists of a mixture of rocks portions along the seafront, and hills with grass, heather and undergrowth farther up on land. Hausvikodden coastal fort from World War 2 is a large area with numerous bunkers and tunnels inside the mountain.

Bådnes is a public outdoor recreation area at Hausvikvågen next to the road that goes to Hausvik and Ramsjord. The headland forms a bay towards north, and here you will also find a few boathouses.


Paradis (Paradise) is located south of Auglandsvann and is a public outdoor recreation area. This is a nice place for hiking with a small sandy beach, and an old stone pier. The place is also very good for camping.


Odden at Auglandsvann (lake Augland) is a good starting point for a kayaking tour on a lake. Odden is a newly landscaped outdoor recreation area with sandy beach and parking.

Lygna is possible to paddle from below Kvellandsfossen (Kvelland waterfall) and out to Kvavik without passing any waterfalls or bigger rapids.