1 t-bar lift
2 slopes (intermediate)
Cross-country skiing trails
Ski rental
Height Difference 385-585 moh


1 chairlift
2 ski lifts (T-bar and button-lift)
3 slopes (easy, intermediate and advanced)
Boardercross trail
Cross-country skiing trail
Children’s area with rope tow and button lift
Ski rental
2 parking lots
Height difference 560-928 meters above sea-level


6 ski lifts (T-bar and button lift)
15 slopes (easy, intermediate, and advanced)
Terrain park
Flood lights
Cross-country skiing trails
Children's area with “magic carpet” lift
Ski rental
Height difference 560-780 meters above sea-level


2 T-bar lifts
1 button lift
7 slopes (easy, intermediate, advanced, and expert) up to 1,5 km
Children’s ski lift
Ski school
Ski rental
Height difference 645-975 meters above sea-level


1 T-bar lift
2 button lifts
9 slopes (easy, intermediate, advanced, and expert)
Boardercross trail, jump and rails
Cross-country skiing trails
Children’s lift
Ski school
Ski rental
Height difference 575-830 moh.

The ski centers in Øvre Sirdal has in total:

44 slopes:
Green: 8
Blue: 19
Red: 15
Black: 2
16 lifts:
1 chair lift
4 T-bars
11 button lifts
3 children's lifts
3 ski schools
5 ski rental shops
6 lighted slopes

180km cross-country skiing trails