Canoeing in Sirdal

Sirdal has several beautiful lakes that are well suited for canoeing.
The lakes Sirdalsvatnet, Ortevatnet, Øyarvatn and Rosskreppfjorden are the largest lakes and are situated near public roads.

The lakes Gravatn, Valevatn og Flothølen are part of the Sira watercourse and are dammed, but they are still nice for canoeing. 

Sirdal municipality, together with Lister Friluftsråd, has purchased 7 new canoes. These are located at the seaports at Tonstad. Contact the service office in Sirdal Municipality at Tonstad for a loan agreement.

Canoe rentals:

Lindeland Camping

Haugen Hytteutleie og camping

Suleskard Fjellsenter

Sirdal huskyfarm offers everything from short day programs in a tranquil setting to "expeditions" with accommodation far off the beaten track. Taking you deep into Sirdals beautiful untouched natural conservation area.