Advanced, 4,9 km

The trail to Storeknut is perfect for those who want to reach the top of a high mountain for magnificent views.

The summit of Storeknut has an altitude of 1015 meters, so you must be prepared for sudden changes in weather. On the descent you’ll have a chance to test out your skiing skills. Here you’ll find quite a large area to move around freely. The steep slopes down toward Lega can be easily avoided by turning left at the top to follow the valley-side towards Dåfjell and connect back with the trail to Bekkedalen.

The steep hill down to the cabin area of Tjødnestøl can be avoided by going diagonally left down the valley. Then there is the short distance back to the starting point at Ålsheia.

Be prepared for sudden wind flurries or thick fog. Prioritize safety and go back if the weather starts to turn.

Character style:
The trail gets leveled with snow groomers so there are no tracks.

Sinnes, at the entrance to Ålsheia.