BERGEHEI - 826 meters above sea level

Tour description:
From the parking lot you continue on foot across the narrow road with asphalt surface. After about 10 minutes the road separates, turning right on gravel road in the southern direction. Follow the gravel road upwards towards all the cabins – after another 10 min walk, the road ends on a private parking lot. Here you continue along the path along the stream.

After about 10 minutes to climb the terrain, where the trail divides, turn right. Cross the marsh at the northern end of Mågevatnet. At the end of Mågevatnet, turn eastward (left) and follow the path between the big ponds. You cross a bridge before turning south along the southern Mågevatnet which is now on your right. At the end of the water you reach a path crossing, here you go southeastwards along the left side of the stream down.

After about 7 minutes walk, turn left a little until you see a cabin on your left hand. From here you continue southeastwards around a small hill until you reach two buildings. From here you continue up a little road until you reach a mire and the terrain flares out. Turn north (left) on a good slope up Budalsrinnen. You pass a small pond on your right hand, and after about 20 minutes walk the path separates, turning southeast (right) along the edge of the mountain.

After about 10 minutes you leave the trail, and from here it's about making the best way up the shiny mountain to the top, which is about 20 minutes walk in the eastern direction.
You see the beautiful cairn a bit before the top, and from here you have 360 ​​degree views of both the northern and southern Sirdalsheiane, Kvinesdal, as well as Lyngdal to the south.

Getting there:
From Tonstad city center you drive in the direction of Josdal. Park on the designated parking lot at Josdalstippen, which is on the right after you have passed Indre Skjørbutjødn. Remember to pay for the parking.

Rating: Demanding
Length: 14 km (back and forth)
Increase: 367 m