Starting point: The trip starts at Blåfjellenden Tourist Cabin.

Tour description: From the Blåfjellenden Tourist Cabin you follow the signposted trail in the southeast direction towards Hunnedalen. Already after five minutes you start walking 200 altitude to 820 meters above sea level (calculate about 45 minutes). At the top, the trail crosses on the left side of a marsh. Go on the boards that are posted. You pass between two ponds where there are stones laid out for easy access. The landscape consists mostly of ponds, so try to orient yourself to these. Continue southeastward past a path cross and pond as you get on your left hand. At the end of the pond you follow the right side of the river that flows into a pond 150 meters further ahead. Follow the northwestern short side of this, at the corner you turn southeast along the long side of the pond. Approximately midway, the path turns towards a round pond on the right hand and follows the shore of this. At the end of both ponds you cross a saw fence before climbing on a hill as you see the cottages in Hunnedalen. From here you follow the wide path down to the main road in Hunnedalen (Høgaleitet).

Rating: Medium
Length: 8 km
Increase: 425 m