Tour description: Start walking westward, first up a slight increase of 5-10 minutes, then over a larger marsh area, then go up a narrow mountain crevice until you reach a signposted road. Continue west, first through a narrow crevice, before turning left and continuing along the edge of the mountain. Stay parallel to the power bars for the next few kilometers. Then follow the south of Ramsdalstjødn. At the western end you cross the stream and following this upward. At the next pond, cross the stream back and follow the south side of this pond. At the end of the pond you cross a new stream and go upwards in the westward direction. Cross the power bars you have followed so far, and continue up Søra Kamsbrekka. From the top you have a great view of the dramatic Kamsdalen. From here you go down and about halfway you turn over at a signposted crossroads. You now change the direction to the southwest and rise up to the mountain. Good navigation skills are required in this landscape. Just below the top you reach a big cairn with a great view of Lyseheiane. Shortly after the cairn, the trail turns to the left, in a more southern direction towards the power bars and Vaulatjødna. Just off the power bars you turn southwards into a deep carvers. Here it is quite steep and you have to climb downhill. In spring (May / June) there can still be a lot of snow and it can be a challenge to get on! Provided along the north side of Vaulatjødn, and on to Indra Brudletjødna, which you will go on the east side of. Some parties along this pond are steep swallow, which can be a challenge in wet weather and when there is a lot of snow melting. Furthermore, the trail leads to the southeast side of Brudlitjørna and then towards Lysedalen, before it turns north-west around a small mountain peak before you begin the descent along Jenafjell. Against the bottom of the mountain you have to cross some flat mountains again before reaching a regulated pond on your right hand, which you must go along. At the end of the pond you reach a dam and from there you follow the stream further down the valley. After you have rounded Jenafjell, the trail becomes considerably better and you take your way down the path to the road at the farm Tangen.

Rating: Expert
Marking: DNT's red T symbols
Season: June-Septembe
Duration: 9 hours

Grautheller DNT-Tourist Cabin

Lysefjorden DNT-Tourist Cabin

Starting point: Grauthedlar Tourist Cabin