Start Location:
Start by foot or take a taxi from Haugen cabin rental and camp to the boom on the construction road in Hønedalen (3.8 km). The trail begins near the boom.

Tour description:
From the boom you take the north direction. After 5-10 minutes walk you reach Hønetjødn which has a nice beach for hot summer days! Continue around the ponds, turn north towards Hønestøl, and on from here in the northern direction up the slightly steep Urdalsskaret. Calculate 30 minutes to the top before starting the descent to Finnstøl (10 minutes). Continue north across Finnstøldalen, along the left side of the stream. The pelvis becomes stronger the farther north you come. Soon you will see the roofed mountains at Svartups, as well as the Jogledalen on your right hand. At Smølåsen cabin area you will reach a saw fence that makes it easy to pass. Remember to close the gate after you! After a couple of minutes you reach the road to Smølåsen, follow this until you reach the bridge where you can safely cross the Jogla River and go up to Sirdal Høyfjellshotell. Alternatively, you can proceed straight ahead and you will come to Fidjeland cabin rental. On the way down to Fidjeland you will see Degdammen. This was built in the period 1968-1970 and has a height of 90 meters, with a total height of 390 meters.

Rating: Demanding
Length: 10.7 km
Increase: 331 m