Start Location:
Kvinen Tourist Cabin. NB! The tourist cabin is closed until new cabin is finished in the autumn of 2018.

Tour description:
The trail goes westward on a small hilltop. From the top you will see big power lines going north-south, heading towards these. After about 10 minutes you reach a signposted cross where you head towards Haugen. The trail goes on the south side of a cabin before it on a hill turns north-west parallel to Langetjødn. At the north side of Langetjødn you come to another cabin, and from here the trail goes up between a small mountain and further west. Låghei, as it's called here, goes by pretty quickly. Gradually the terrain becomes a bit more hilly until you reach a plateau with magnificent views! Further easy, but some wet terrain down to Hønedalen. From here you can book taxi to Haugen cabin rental and camping, or follow the road the 3.8 km northwest to Haugen.

Rating: Medium
Length: 8.5 km (plus 3.8 to Haugen)
Increase: 270 m
Marking: DNT's red T symbols
Season: June-September
Duration: About 3 hours

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Kvinen Tourist Cabin