Start Location:
The trip starts on Lyseveien between Sirdal and Lysebotn, about 1 km west of Grydalen. You can park at the Børsteinshytten car park, which is located opposite the road to the trail.

Tour description:
Start walking in a northwest direction. After about 5 minutes you reach the pelvis coming down from Matupstjødne. Follow this up to Matupstjødne. The trail from here follows a small height on the south side of the pond. You climb so gradually towards the highest point of the trail. At 970 meters you get a magnificent view of Lyseheiane. From here you start on descent towards Andersvatnet. First, you have to go sacking down parts of a steep cut, then follow the mountain wall of Vardekleivane on your right hand. After about 100 meters, cross the pelvis that flows down to Andersvatnet. The trail continues in the western direction and the terrain becomes more difficult and it can be a challenge to find the right direction. Therefore, pay close attention to the marking and the GPS if you have. You pass several ponds before you reach a cliff that takes you down to Pollen (a pond).

The path swings down this gorge, and you get a great view to the waterfall that flows down from Toknuten. At the bottom you cross the pelvis coming down from Andersvatnet. From here, the trail goes up gradually before reaching a valley to follow. At the end of the valley the high mountains in Lysedalen appear on your right hand. Lysedalen is one of the most beautiful and wildest valleys in the region, with its 8-900 meters of steep mountainsides that descend into an almost impassable terrain. At the end of the valley you have to climb over some rocks before going down to a green area with fresh mountain water. This place is ideal for a break. Follow the stream further down to where it turns 90 degrees around the mountains towards Lysedalen.

The big mountains of Lysedalen are impressive. This is not the place for those afraid of height! The same route as the stream runs, you also change direction (north) and must calculate about 1.5 hours to get you down the steep mountain side. Go gently downwards. From about 420 m you meet the birch forest. Here it can be a challenge to find the path, as it also swings down into the forest. Look for both stone cairn and red stripes on the trees in the woods. At the same time, the trail turns 90 degrees towards the innermost farms you look far down in Lysebotn. At 85 m turn right, towards where you will cross the river by climbing some big stones. There is a wire on one of the rocks, which makes the crossing easier. Follow the right side of the river to the west. You get to a pasture area for sheep, and walk through a gate that takes you into the area to the innermost farm in Lysebotn. Remember to close the gate after you. Cross the area across and use the staircase that is set up to cross the fence at the other end. After 100 meters you reach another fence and you take the small gate into the parking lot at the farm.

Rating: Demanding
Length: 9.5 km
Increase: 928 m
Marking: DNT's red T-er
Season: June to September
Duration: Approx. 6 hours