Start Location: Støle Tourist Cabin

Tour description:
From the cabin you go north-east through Øyestøldalen to Øyestøl. Further through a narrow canyon called Indre Trongane. At first glance, it seems impossible, but there is a superb road made of stone through the gorge. At the end of the gorge, the valley opens, passing a crossroads where you proceed straight ahead over the flat area. Furthermore, the terrain becomes a bit more uneven before the landscape at the end of the gorge opens again. Go on the top of the hill marked with «Brudle» on the map. «Brudle» are stones laid in a long line in connection with old wedding traditions, where the bridal follower went on foot to the wedding farm. When they saw the farm, the bridal couple laid down two big stones, and each guest put on smaller stones backwards in a row. There are several such «brudle» in Sirdal. Continue on further down to Indra Grunnetjødn, from here follow Skredåne through Skredådalen to Skredå.

Rating: Demanding
Length: 11.8 km
Increase: 270 m
Marking: DNT's red T symbols
Season: June to September
Duration: About 4 hours

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