Starting point: The trip starts from Tomannsbu Tourist Lodge.

Tour description: From Tomannsbu follow the path that goes south-west along Djupevatnet and then Kilen and Vassvollvatn. Along the Kilen and Vassvollvatn it is challenged to pass mountains that descend to the waters. At the southwestern end of Vassvollvatn you cross a stream and walk up the trail through a mountain gorge in a southerly direction and further down parallel to a stream and then down to a small pond. Follow the pond you now have on your left hand and cross the pelvis that flows out of this. You are now walking over a small area with a lot of small forests. Where the trail divides, turn right to reach a pond just below Blåfjell. At the end of the pond you cross the pelvis that has flowed down to the Ytra Skredåvatn. You are now going to the east side of a small hill along Ytra Skredåvatnet. Cross the pelvis coming down from Blåfjelldalen, and walk up between the mountain on the west side of Møestrond. It's easy ascension to 725 meters before you go down a steeper valley on the other side. Avoid the steep mountains also during this descent. At the bottom of the valley you reach a path crossing from here, the path goes south-westerly through a narrow gorge. Although it seems impassable, here is a great old road. Once you have gone through the gorge you reach Øyestøldalen. Stølehytten is at the end of this valley.

Rating: Demanding
Marking: With DNT's red T symbols
Season: June-September
Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 11 km

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