From Hompland 6 km north of Tonstad there is a trail and gravel road through the forest that lead you to Håghedlar, Nystøl and Urvatn.

South of Hompland, at the bridge over Hemså, there is a path through the forest. This passes over a pasture field and up an old ride road before entering the gravel roads. After strolling on the gravel road there is a sign where you enter the trail again. You walk past Øvre Løyntjønn and beyond moist soil before Heimrestøl. Furthermore, the trail goes east of the trail towards Steindalsknuten and passes Nyestøl. East towards Håghedlar, the terrain is mostly flat but partly moist.

Between Håghedlar and Urvatn, the trail crosses moist myrtle trees in beautiful mountain terrain. From Urvatn there is a gravel road down to the valley again.

11.5 km round trip, 600 m descend from the main road. The paths are marked and signposted.

Rating: Demanding
Length: 11.5 km round trip
Increase: 759 m