– 958 meters above sea level

Tour description:
From the upper parking lot to Ådneram ski lift, follow the road/ski piste that goes down toward the ski lift. At the first intersection, turn right and follow the trail that runs on the south side of the pond with the water jump. At the end of the pond you’ll find three trails, follow the middle of these. On top of the hill, turn right and follow the trail to the top of the ski lift. Estimate about 25 minutes to the top of the ski lift. Walk under the ski lift, and proceed on a narrow path to the northeast. In general you should follow the right edge of the mountain. After a short distance you will come to a small marsh, here turn right down a small gorge, before again going up on the mountain ridge, first through some small birch trees, then across two minor valleys.

After about 15 minutes walk you head north, first on a small mound, from which you can see Rubedalstjødna to the left, and Hassteinstjødn on the right. Walk down from the mound and cross the glade that cut across here, before you climb up the mountainside in a northwesterly direction. When the trail becomes slightly more blurred, just continue up the ridge. Keep slightly to the left and follow the cairns that takes you up to a small pond. Calculate 25 minutes on this ascent. At the pond, head west. You cross the stream that flows out of the pond and pass another pond. After you have passed a small scree, you should cross the valley that runs east-west. Hadvardshei should now be to your left. Walk the easiest route up to the top where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Sirdal.

For a detailed description with maps, altitude profile, waypoints etc. buy the book 'Hiking in Sirdal incl. Kjerag and Sirdals Seven Summits.

Getting there:
Parking at Ådneram Ski center that is located next to Bergetjødn.

Rating: Medium
Length: 7.2 km (back and forth)
Increase: 179 m