STOREKNUT – 1015 meters above sea level

From Gravassryggen, the trail goes straight up against Storeknut without any major challenges. Getting there takes 1.8 km. In olden days the sheep were herded from the coast to the good mountain grazing areas in Sirdal, making Hunnedalen an important road. When bad weather struck, it was unpleasant to be both animal and man walking that path. Some times it went horribly wrong like in 1897 when hundreds of sheep perished in Hunnedalen. The most feared part of this path, from Gravassryggjen to the top of Storeknut was called “the bad road”. Here one had to climb up to 1000 metres above sea level. It was narrow and winding. The path goes down to the opposite side of Stølstjørn, Ålsheia and Sinnes.

Getting there:
Parking at Gravassryggen, Fv 45 west of Sinnes.

The route can also be taken from Sinnes, making the trip 6.5 km each way with a 500 m climb.

Rating: Medium
Length: 3,6 or 13 km (back and forth)
(the length depends on where you start your trip)
Increase: 290/464 m