Tour description:
From the parking lot at the foot of Vardefjell, you go down a wide path and over the bridge. Furthermore, pass two small round ponds on the left side. When you are parallel to the innermost water, leave the marked path and head southward towards the high-voltage posts on your right-hand side. You cross a small marsh and climb a small peak. From here, the trail goes parallel to the power post a little while until you reach a round pond on your left hand, where the path turns to the power post again. You pass a swamp on your left hand and cross the power post in what you start to go up to the top.

Follow the cairns along the mountain side. You have great views of Ovedal on the way up. At the top you will reach a small pond on your right hand and the beautiful cairn is located right next to the pond. Calculate about 30 minutes from the parking lot to the top. If you want to go an alternative route down, you can go northwest until you reach the viewpoint where you look down to Øksendal, and then walk the northern side of the mountain back to power post and the path you came up to.

Getting there:
From Haughom you drive the Øksendalen towards Ovedal. In the middle of the valley you turn into the road towards Listøl, and drive up this about 1.5 km to the parking lot at the end of the road. It grazes sheep in the area, so be sure to close the gate after you.

Rating: Easy
Length: 3.3 km
Increase: 196 m