Recreational area in the bay west on Ullerøy. Ullerøy is one of the outer islands in the Spind Fjord and it is located south of Skarvøy and Terøy. At one time two maritime pilots kept busy here! The weather conditions are at times rough.

Wooden dock and an area for a campfire. Anchor and utilize bolts on the islet. Hiking possibilities. Sheep graze the island. People have been living on this island until the 1960s and today the idyllic cultural landscape is still visible. A great portion of the island is forested.

Two other wharves at Ullerøy are public, but less suitable for a visit:

A public dock inside the breakwater. Sufficient depth. Today recreational homes are visible in this idyllic coastal community. No further facilities.

Midvollen i Ullerøysundet
A wooden dock to the north of the island. No further facilities. Not suitable for longer stays. Be aware! Larger ships make waves that may do damage to the boats that are moored.