Travel safely past the windy Lista Peninsula by taking advantage of the towing service at Listeid. When the sea is rough it is calm at Framvaren, the Helvik- and Kjørre Fjord.

The tractor boat towing service between Sigersvoll and Listeid is a unique experience where the boat is transported 2 km over land. Historically this has been part of an old sailing route. However, in the Viking Age the boats were carried.

The service is open daily in the middle of summer. However, it is available by appointment all summer.

The service can accommodate boats to the size of approximately 34 ft.

The height for sailing under the Straumen Bridge is 2,5 m. Taller boats will require the old bridge to be opened. This can be arranged by the company.

Please call Eilef Liland: +47 995 67 498 / +47 38 39 78 56