The archipelago of Sælør lies south of Korshamn, northwest of the lighthouse at Lindesnes. The island was once visited by Olav the Holy, King of Norway, in 1028 before the end of the Viking Age. Some of the islands are protected as a Coastal Park Area.

Wooden wharf behind the breakwater south in the harbour. There are tables, benches, barbecue coal grills and a swim ladder. Toilet in the sea house by the school building. Mooring is also possible at the public wharf north of the school at eastern Sælør. There are several islands, but the main islands are to the east and west. It is nice to walk around the main islands.

The school house may be rented by contacting Lyngdal Kultursenter. E-mail: Ph. +47 38 33 40 40 (daytime weekdays)